Where can you get information?

We are available to help you, use us as a sounding board and can answer any questions you might have. We take pride in putting our clients first! Call Al at 1 (800) 683-3046 or email me at Al@KoenigConsulting.com or use Contacting us in About Us.

Additional information available: 

1, Medicare and You Handbook 2014*; official U.S. government Medicare handbook

2, Choosing a Medigap Policy*, a guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare

3, Medicare.gov**, The Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare

4, Medicare Glossary of Terms, **Medicare.gov web site

5, Get help paying costs, **Medicare.gov web site

6, Costs for Part A, **Medicare.gov web site

7, Costs for Part B, **Medicare.gov web site

8, Costs for Part D, **Medicare.gov web site

* offical documents from CCMS "Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services"

Choosing the right option for you!

What to consider;

1, Understand your options (see first column)

2, Understand your risks;

     a, financial (best and worst case scenario)

    b, personal health history

    c, family health history

When can you enroll?

I, Original Medicare, 3 months prior to your 65th birth month, your 65th birth month and 3 months after your 65th birth month (7 month window) or during a qualified Special Election Period.

II, Part D, when you first enroll in Part A and/or Part B or in a Special Election Period or during the Annual Election Period from October 15th - December 7th of each year. If enrolling in the AEP your effective date is always January 1st.

III, Medicare Advantage, when you are first eligible for Medicare and have Medicare Parts A and B or in a Special Election Period or during the Annual Election Period from October 15th - December 7th of each year. If enrolling in the AEP your effective date is always January 1st.

IV, Medicare Supplements Insurance, initial enrollment usually 6 months prior to your Part B effective date as well as 6 months after your Part B effective date (there are some carrier exceptions). It is also possible to change plans virtually anytime during the year if you qualify (Underwriting is usually necessary).  

We can help you in the following states!

Senior and other Medicare Beneficiaries Products

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Original Medicare
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Supplements Ins.
Medicare Prescription

What does Koenig Consulting offer?

We offer products from a large number of carriers for both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. We only market Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado. It is important to match the right solution with you based on your needs.

What is available?

Original Medicare; consisting of two parts;

Part A: "Hospital Services" usually free

Part B: "Medical Services" for a monthly premium.

Prescription Coverage (Part D) is a federal program that subsidizes the cost of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries. These plans are sold by private insurance companies.

Medicare Advantage (Part C or MA) is a health insurance program of managed health care (Preferred Provider Organization "PPO" or Health Maintenance Organization "HMO") that serves as a substitute for "Original Medicare" Parts A and B. You can be on either Original Medicare or a MA plan not both, however, you must have Parts A and B to be eligible for a MA Plan. Some plans have imbedded Part D.

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans refers to various private health insurance plans sold to supplement Original Medicare. These plans help pay the out of pocket costs (Deductibles, Coinsurances, Copayments) not covered by Original Medicare. See page 11 of Choosing a Medigap Policy for all available plans.


1, Only Original Medicare (Part A and Part B)

2, Part A, Part B Plus Part D

3, Medicare Advantage (can be with imbedded Part D or without)

4, Part A, Part B and Medigap

5, Part A, Part B, Part D and Medigap