Where can you get information?

We are available to help you, use us as a sounding board, we can answer any questions you might have and pride ourselves in putting our clients first! Call Al at 1 (800) 683-3046 or email me at Al@KoenigConsulting.com or use Contacting us in About Us.

Additional information available:

1, The Department of Insurance for the state you live in.

2, Federal Health Insurance Marketplace

3, Appling for Medicaid and CHIP "Children's Health Insurance Program

4, Health Insurance Glossary of Terms, Healthcare.gov official site

5, List of Essential Health Benefits "EHB", Healthcare.gov official site 

6, Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility Levels by state

7, Official Medicaid site, Medicaid.gov, in many cases you should check out options and eligibility at your statesmedicaid web site


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What does Koenig Consulting offer?

We can help you understand your options and help guide you through the process of getting signed up for health insurance both directly with a carrier or on the Marketplace. Please check the map on the home page for those states we support. We work with a large number of carriers to make sure you get the coverage that's right for you and your family!


Major Medical
Short Term Medical
Accident Coverage
Help with Prescriptions

The simple truth!

No one ever plans on getting hurt or sick, however, at some point most people require medical care, simple fact!

Being prepared means having Health Insurance either through a group plan (at work) or signing up for a policy with a health insurance carrier!

Health Insurance can protect you from high and unexpected costs!

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that helps cover an insured individual's Medical and Surgical expenses. Included are preventive care, medical tests, emergency services, routine primary care physician and specialty visits and much more. A policy can cover an Individual or Family.

What is available?

For Individuals (non group) there are many Health Insurance plans available from many carriers. These plans are required to cover the Essential Health Benefits. This pertains to new coverage from 2014 forward. Plans can be purchased through the Marketplace or directly through a carrier.

Starting in 2014 all plans must cover pre-existing conditions. The only health question that can be asked is if you use Tobacco products.

In addition for transition periods it is also possible to purchase Short Term Medical plans.

The Basics of Health Insurance.

PREMIUM - fixed amount you pay your insurance plan, generally monthly.

DEDUCTIBLE - amount you pay before insurance company starts to pay its share.

COINSURANCE - is a percentage of costs you pay for medical service after you have met your deductible.

COPAYMENT - fixed amount you pay for specific services, could be after or before deductible is met.

OUT-OF-POCKET MAXIMUM (OOPM) - included are all of the above, once you reach the OOPM the plan will pay for any covered care above this the rest of the year!

For a complete glossary please see HealthCareGlossary

Other terms to check out: Essential Health Benefits, Medicaid and Health Insurance Marketplace Just to name a few.

Choosing the right option for you!

What to consider;

1, Understand your options (see first column) 2, Understand your risks;

     a, financial (best and worst case scenario)

     b, personal health history

     c, family health history

3, Do you need a Major Medical or Short Term plan. 

When can you enroll?

Open Enrollment for 2015 will start on November 15th 2014 and end on February 15th 2015.  Outside of the Open Enrollment period you can only enroll if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. These SEP's can be either a qualifying life event or special circumstances.

Many individuals and families qualify for lower monthly premiums with premium tax credits. Check out Will I qualify to see who can qualify.

Help covering your Out-Of-Pocket costs;

An Accident Plan can help cover your out of pocket costs in the event of an accident. It can cover your out of pocket cost per accident (not sickness) until you have no more out of pocket costs. These plans are available for a low price and can cover an individual or family. Check out this link Accident Plan Coverage. I view this as essential for anyone with children or those very active, one Emergency Room visit in roughly 100 months can pay for the plan. You can sign up directly using this link or give me a call and I will help.

Help with Prescription Drug Costs!

If you need help paying for prescription medications, help is available.

Check out the Community Assistance Program. This program has helped the uninsured and the underinsured across the United States and saved cardholders over $450,000,000 since 2009!

You can call me for a card or download from the site. I can help you understand what options you have and how to check out the cost of your medications and which pharmacy is best to use. IMPORTANT; not all pharmacies are equal!

There are also cards available for your pet's Medications. This can help you help your pets for less. Check out USAPetMeds.